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Subj: Illinois Remembers

Greetings Flag of Honor,

It was a few years ago I discovered this special flag, its purpose and dedication and have been watching for it to be displayed at various fire houses in Illinois and see it very often!

I only know a few people that went to New York following that horrific day, one of which is a member who spent 100 days on site as Incident Command Safety Officer and words cannot express the amount of admiration I have for these people, those we lost and will never forget and those we continue to lose every year after.

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Flag of Honor - Sugar Grove, IL.
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As a company that is giving back to those serving, I would like to invite an opportunity for you to donate a few flags to be raffled and auctioned during our upcoming event. The IAFPD Annual Conference brings together more than 800 people representing all facets of the fire services. I would be happy to cover the cost of shipping if that helps you with your decision but I believe in this item! While it is promoting your efforts, it will help us succeed with ours as well.

The attached letter explains my request, our mission and provides an invitation for you to help us make a difference.

I’ve also sending you a section of The Fire Call magazine where we paid tribute to the 10th Anniversary last fall (photo of the member I mentioned above is holding one of your flags).

Thank you for your consideration.

Cheri Breneman, Administrator
Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts
Springfield, IL 62703
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