Sent: 6/5/2012 12:06:36 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Flags on jeep

I have purchased a set of these flags about a month ago for my jeep project. It is really coming along. I hope you remember me. I asked for info regarding the artist info for the song always remember. Well the jeep is a hit and I have to share this that I just posted on my fb page
I have to share this here with everyone. I have my jeep on display sunday night at the cruise night and I saw a few people gathered around it and one guy was looking at the flags again the flags are "the flag of honor" thats the flag with everyone who died that day has their name on it. and "the flag of heroes" which has all the emergency responders names on it. He was looking at the flag of honor and looked very distressed. He started walking around talking to people I guess he was asking who owns the vehicle. He came to me and with tears rolling down his face asked me about it. I walked to the jeep with him and explained what the flags were each one was displayed on the armory field on the 10th anniversary. As he cleared his throat he said My sisters name is on it. It was very overwhelming and I told him where he can get one from. He was very happy I was there that night.

You asked me for photos, heres the flags on my jeep.

Heres my FB link to it if people wanna follow < >

Thomas Rak Jr

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