I AM ON A MISSION! By Pauline Brown

I’M ON A MISSION! - Pauline Brown

Subject: I'm on a mission!
From: "Pauline Brown" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 08:09:39 -0600
To: "John Flag" <>

Hi John - the memorial field sounds awesome! I would definitely love to be a part of it - if I know in advance I can stay longer so let's start planning. We had a field right here in Greeley last year. They were only regular flags not flag of honor flags but the names of all who died were distributed equally amongst the grade schools and children wrote notes to the individual families which were attached to the flags. It was quite the heart jerker when you read the notes. I should send you a picture, it was awesome!

John - I will definitely get the flags - was I right about 25 in a case? I want 2 cases. So, after reading your email and realizing that I might need some more approval, I thought I'd better tell you what I am really doing with the flags. I actually wanted it to be a surprise for you as well. When I was in New York, one of the biggest comments (I mean NUMEROUS times) that I received was that they were glad to see someone as far West as Colorado still remember 9-11. It seems the perception from the locals is that the rest of the country has forgotten or on their way to forgetting. So, what I am doing is using my friends for contacts and I am donating one of your flags to one person in each state - in return all I ask is that they send me a 4 x 6 picture with a 3 x 5 note card (I am providing for them to make a comment if they want and write the state the flag is hung.) I plan on putting them all on a collage with a message to New York that we have not forgotten. I'll probably put Bob and my story on the collage as well. Anyway, as you can imagine it will be rather large so I will probably need approval to hang it somewhere - I'd like to present to the city somehow, but I doubt that is possible so just having it at ground zero for people to see would be fine. What do you think? Also, there could be more pictures for your website if you want. It is amazing - I just sent out the email to my friends last night and I already have 15 states with people wanting to be part of the process.

Talk to you soon!

Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 6:42 AM
Subject: Re: I'm on a mission!


What an incredible idea. I'd love to put your progress on the website. I know that you could display it at the Family events next September. They would appreciate the effort very much.

I'll send out the Flags.