September 11, 2001.....That date conjures up incredible emotions ranging from sadness and loss to anger. Everyone remembers where and what they were doing on that day. Such is certainly the case for us. As President of Harsh International, Inc. (A manufacturer located in the small town of Eaton, Colorado), I was concluding some business with a customer in Japan. Pauline Picardi, District manager for a restaurant chain in California, had decided to treat her mother Myke to a trip to Japan to visit Pauline's eldest daughter Danielle who was stationed in Misawa at the US. Air Force base. The reason for this particular time to visit was that Danielle had just given birth to Pauline's new grandson.
Call it fate, Karma or just plain luck, but we agree that it was the best thing to ever happen to us. Stranded in the Narita, Japan airport hoping for any flight heading towards the States, Pauline and I met and spent what would become the first day of a lifetime together. After a couple of years and many thousands of frequent flyer miles between Colorado and California, Pauline's youngest daughter Kellie graduated from high school and began her college career at SDSU and Pauline was able to finally move home to Colorado with me. We were married January 17th, 2004.
Never wanting to forget the events that led to our meeting, and being avid motorcyclists, we decided to have our 2002 Harley Davidson V Rod custom painted as a tribute to 9/11. It was to be our wedding gift to each other. We commissioned Marshall Canafax of Loveland, Colorado, a renowned airbrush and motorcycle artist, to create our "dream bike." Again, Karma enters; After several weeks of superb artistry, the bike was ready to come home. On a whim, Marshall asked if he could show the bike in a local bike show and deliver the bike afterward. Incredibly, the bike took "1st Place in the Paint Category", and "3rd Place Overall" against some beautiful custom machines. That was the first of what could be many shows for our 9/11 Tribute Bike. But, don't be surprised if the first time you see it, it's on the open road. We're not talking about a "trailer princess" here. Pauline and I feel that the best way to show our bike is to ride it.......with PRIDE!
Written by Bob Brown