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August 19, 2003

Dear Friend,

As we approach the second anniversary of the terrorist attacks, we would like to give you
an update on our progress to create a lasting and meaningful tribute to the victims
of September 11, 2001.
We should never forget that they were part of our family – the human family – and will be missed
but never forgotten. These men and women embraced Liberty as a way of life and they paid for it
with their lives.
The Flag of Honor will allow generations to come to realize the human toll of that day.

The Rescue Personnel selflessly paid the price to live up to their reputation as modern day Heroes.
The world is indebted to them for they have shown us all the very best.
The Flag of Heroes will forever testify to their bravery.

Your support of the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes project has allowed us to:

1. Donate a Flag of Heroes to all Firehouses, Police Stations and EMS Divisions in New York City.
2. Make repeated contributions to both the Twin Towers Fund, and the Cantor Fitzgerald Fund.
3. Continue our efforts toward the widest distribution of the Flags

Current News

Through our recently established 501(c)3 charity – Flag of Honor Fund - we will raise funds
to provide framed artist’s canvas of the Flag of Honor to each of the victims families.
The Flag of Honor fund goals include:

To provide each family of a September 11th victim with a framed, limited
edition artist’s canvas of the “Flag of Honor”. The Flag of Honor is an American flag
that lists in the stripes of the flag the names of each of the victims of September 11th
attack including firemen, policemen, EMS workers, airplane crews and passengers,
clergy and those individuals who were in the World trade Center buildings, the Pentagon
and immediate vicinities. In addition to engage in other related activities that serve
to enhance and promote the long-term remembrance of those who lost their lives
on September 11th.
To create a national “People’s Memorial” to the victims of the September 11th tragedy
by meeting and working with corporations throughout the United States and abroad
to encourage them to hang the Flag of Honor artwork prominently in all of their business locations.
The samples that we recently produced are just outstanding.
They are similar to oil paintingswith the colors vibrant and the names crisp and bold.
They will surely become heirlooms.
For more information about the Flag of Honor Fund and on how to contribute,
please,visit our website

We are proud to announce that we will be partnering with Voices of September 11th
for fundraising and other efforts. Voices of September 11th is the largest victim’s advocacy
group and speaks for many of the families. They provide resources and support to victim’s
families, survivors, and all those impacted by the terrorist attack on September 11th.
Services include support groups, outreach, bereavement groups, lectures, workshops and
special events. We are honored to be associated with them.

We are also creating two new pages on our website:

Supporter’s Photo Gallery - We would like to know where you are flying your Flag.
We welcome photos of all supporters with their Flags (Posters, T-shirts).
Please send photos of your Flag displayed. You can either mail photos or e-mail them.
PLEASE identify those in the photo and location.
Please know that we cannot return any photos sent.

Page of Shame – Believe it or not, there are those who would steal from the efforts
we are making. This page contains the information on those merchants who have ordered
and received the Flags and now will not pay for them.
They have stolen from our efforts and from all of our supporters.

Lastly, but most importantly, we would like to ask from you that you please forward
the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes website to as many people as you can.
If each of us sends it to just a few people, it will make a tremendous difference in our effort to create the “People’s Memorial” throughout the country and the world.
Visit the People’s Memorial web page.

Again, thank you for your contribution to this project. God Bless you and God Bless America.


The Flag of Honor / Flag of Heroes project team