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September 2, 2005

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As a parent of two children I can’t imagine what life would be like if something happened to either of them. I’m sure my world would collapse from sheer grief.

On September 11th John Vigiano, a highly decorated former NY firefighter himself lost his only two sons, Detective Joseph Vigiano and Firefighter John Vigiano. Mary and Frank Fetchet lost their 31-year-old son Brad. Eunice and Lee Hanson lost not only their only son Peter, but also their 2 year old grand-daughter Christine. Roger Whitford lost his son, firefighter Mark Whitford. Hundreds more parents lost their children – their future - on September 11th. Every day my heart bleeds for these parents for there can be no pain like that of a parent for a lost child.

Our effort to remember EVERY person and to commemorate their lives continues. Our goal from the beginning was to distribute the flags as widely as possible so that those who died will always be remembered by name and forever tied to the symbol of America. To date over 180,000 flags have been distributed throughout the world.

Originally from New York and now from Australia Mary Lewis wrote recently that seeing the Flag of Heroes hanging in a Firefighter museum in Melbourne brought tears to her eyes . Alphonso Smith, TSgt, USAF, stationed in the Middle East wrote that “We are proud to have the (Flag of Honor) fly in our orderly room" "where we hold our daily meetings". "It keeps us focused". Eleanor Salter has purchased and sent a Flag of Honor to the Governor of every state in America. At their request, we have sent hundreds of Flags to our soldiers overseas. Hundreds more have been donated to firehouses and police stations throughout America. Flags now hang in offices of Homeland Security, INS, Washington government offices and airports around the country. Thank you Tom Docu for hanging the Flag of Honor in every terminal at JFK airport in NYC. This memorial is being shared by people all over the world.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with the families of our soldiers who have died fighting to prevent another 9/11. Theirs is the ultimate sacrifice for they have given their lives for our nation and our freedom. We acknowledge our soldiers throughout the world who risk their lives every day and pray for their safe and speedy return.

We are sorry to report that we have been unsuccessful in our efforts to place a memorial field consisting of 3000 flags in a field in NYC for the 4th anniversary. Even with the active support and participation of several family organizations, we could not convince The City of the merits of such a memorial this year. We would welcome any assistance to help get a memorial field in NYC for the 5th anniversary next year.

As we approach the 4th anniversary of September 11th each of us should look at our lives and be thankful for our families, friends and for life itself. It is a precious gift not to be taken for granted. YOU, our supporters, make the difference in so many lives and you are the reason why those who perished on 9/11 will live forever.

At the request of many supporters, we will begin offering a Canvas Giclée of both the Flag of Honor and Flag of Heroes. Beautifully framed in a 18" X 24" Mahogany finish frame, it is a very high qualitry print suitable for office or home.


Lastly, but most importantly, we would like to ask from you that you please forward the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes website to as many people as you can. If each of us sends it to just a few people, it will make a tremendous difference in our effort to continue our remembrance project throughout the country and the world.

On behalf of Laurent, Oliver and myself here at the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project, thank you for your letters, photos, encouragement, support and friendship during this past year.

John Michelotti     

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